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Getting Help

There are many avenues to recieve help when using the Coherence Incubator. Here are a few options.

Community Forums

The Discussion Forums for the Coherence Incubator are the best place to start asking questions - should you need to. These forums are hosted by Oracle and are typically monitored by the community.

They can be found here:

To participate in the discussion forums you will need an account.

Source Code, Tests and Examples

As all of the source code, including tests and examples are now published, these are often a great place to start for implementation tips.

The source code is located here:

Issue Tracking System

If you find an issue with the Coherence Incubator or have an idea for a new feature the best place to start is with the Issue Tracking System. All issues, both current and past are publicly viewable.

The Issue Tracking System can be found here:

To raise new issues you will need a account (these are free).

Oracle Support

Alternatively Oracle Coherence customers can file Support Requests (SR) against the Coherence Product, clearly specifying that requests are for a Coherence Community project.