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Source Code

The Source Code for the entire Oracle Coherence Incubator is hosted by

It is located here:

Alternatively if you're not using or want to avoid setting up git can download a zip containing of the latest development branch from here:

The branching model adopted for development and releases is as outlined by Vincent Driessen in A successful Git branching model

Active development is carried out in the branch: develop-12. Nightly builds, snapshots and continuous integration typically occurs on this branch. Snapshot releases from this branch are made available on in the snapshot repository.

Official Releases are made from the branch: release-12 (once integrated from the development branch). Each official release is tagged. Official releases are published to and later (usually with in 4 hours) to Maven Central.


  1. Source Code and Documentation is licensed under CDDL-1.0.

  2. Read-Only Access is provided to the public.

  3. Pull Requests are never accepted (unless they are from official contributors)