Past and Present Coherence Community Speakers

Call for Speakers
Do you have an interesting Coherence implementation/experience/architecture you'd like to share? Are you interested in sharing your experience with the Coherence Community? If so let us know!
    Co-Founder, Sigma Dynamics
    A co-founder of Sigma Dynamics where the RTD technology was created.
    Solutions Engineer, F5 Networks
    Chris is a member of the F5 Networks Business Development team as a Solutions Engineer, specializing in solutions for Oracle products. Chris has previously worked for Microsoft for 10 years and has held multiple roles within the company - including MSN Operations Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Consultant, and Senior Program Manager. He has also worked for Arrowpoint, Cisco, and Blue Coat Systems supporting the NW territory as a Systems Engineer.
    Senior Consultant, C2B2
    Mark Addy currently works as a Senior Consultant at C2B2 a UK Java consultancy which specializes in building fast, scalable and reliable systems. He has extensive experience delivering development, troubleshooting, problem analysis and performance tuning services to clients spanning a wide range of industries. Mark has spoken at JUDCon Boston, London JBoss User Group and GeeCon 2013.
    Software Development Manager, Oracle
    Noah Arliss is a development manager with the Oracle Cloud Team, focusing on Coherence Cloud products. He currently manages a team of developers responsible for innovating and simplifying the process of building applications on top of Coherence in a Cloud. Noah has lead many efforts with the Coherence team including the C++ extend clients, and the Coherence Incubator. Prior to working at Oracle, Noah spent 7 years working in the internet infrastructure and security space, first at Netegrity where he focused on building SiteMinder, then at BEA working on the Aqualogic Enterprise Security.
    Technical Director, Oracle
    Phil has a wealth of expertise and field experience in Oracle technologies and a recognised expert in WebLogic Server, Oracle's Event Processing engine and Coherence. He has written a number of books and speaks regularly at technical events.
    CTO of Tech-Con, Excelian
    A co-founder of LogScape he now oversee and brings new technology into Exclleian, as well as shape the future of the people and offerings.
    Co-Founder, Sigma Dynamics
    A co-founder of Sigma Dynamics where the RTD technology was created.
    Senior Principle Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Ballav Bihani is part of the Oracle Coherence engineering group. He is one of the engineers responsible for the development of the Exabus transport and its integration in Coherence. Prior to joining the Coherence team, Ballav was a technical lead on the Oracle WebLogic Server Product where he was responsible for networking, clustering, and other HA features.
    Technical Architect, eSpeed
    Simon seems to have an infinite amount of knowledge about Trading Systems, Distributed and Parallel Computing. He's been working on, building and designing these things for well over 15 years and has recently lead the construction of a global trade capture system based entirely on Coherence. In reality there's probably no need to have a topic of discussion for Simon - just listening to him speak about his 30+ years of experience is valuable in itself. However, being one of the most talented Coherence Architects in London, he's decided to share his thoughts around a whiteboard on a pattern for guaranteed asynchronous persistence of Objects. Even if you're not doing this kind of work, Simon's insights into architectures and those based around Coherence will certainly improve your understanding of Coherence.
    Senior Group Product Manager, Oracle
    Craig Blitz heads product management of Oracle Coherence, the market leading distributed caching platform, where he helps customers understand how Coherence can help meet their scalability and high-performance computing needs. He has over 25 years experience in enterprise software with such companies as BEA Systems, Novell, and Bell Labs. He has served on the OSGi Alliance marketing committee and Board of Directors and has spoken at numerous industry events. Craig has an MBA and an MS in Computer Science from NYU. Craig hosts the New York Coherence Special Interest Group quarterly.
    Senior Vice President, CloudTran
    AJ Brown has 30+ years experience in software development and general business management. Early in his career, he implemented rollback and roll-forward logging for Hewlett-Packard’s IMAGE network database management system. This later developed into kernel work within the Allbase relational database product, and then AJ went on to work on query optimization, locking algorithms, and language pre-compilers. In addition to database engineering, AJ also spent time running the R&D lab for Microsoft Windows, OS/2, and Windows NT.
    Business Development Manager, F5 Networks
    Ron Carovano is a Business Development Manager with F5 Networks. Responsible for the global relationship with Oracle, Carovano oversees integration, testing, certification, and co-innovation efforts conducted between F5 and Oracle. He is also responsible for aligning F5 business programs with Oracle’s go-to-market initiatives. Carovano has 20 years experience in high-tech industries, ranging from medical device development, to health care simulation and education, to enterprise Application Delivery Networking. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A. from the University of Florida, and is also listed as an inventor on 14 U.S. patents.
    Founder and CEO, Squarespace
    Anthony Casalena has been developing software and user interfaces since the age of 15. Across the past decade, projects solely created, deployed, and designed by Anthony have been actively used by over half a million individuals, and have powered web experiences for over 50 million more. Anthony's projects have appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, the Financial Times, and the Washington Post. His current organization, Squarespace, launched while Anthony was 20, has grown organically into a thriving, multi-million dollar software company located in the heart of Manhattan. Squarespace systems serve hundreds of millions of hits per month with unprecedented levels of reliability. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.
    Senior Software Engineer, Oracle
    Ivan has a wealth of experience in the design and development of scalable distributed systems, using both Java/Oracle and .NET technologies and has hands-on experience in implementing Coherence solutions for a number of financial, retail, government and social networking industries.
    Principal Solution Architect, Oracle
    Phil Chung is an Oracle Principal Solution Architect in the area of real time in-memory data processing, in memory data grids, and grid architectures. In his previous roles, he has worked as part of a SWAT team of solution architects dedicated to Coherence and also as a pre-sales consultant focused on TimesTen. With a software development background spanning over 10 years in capital markets, wireless media, and online gaming, he has worked on trading systems for broker/dealers, messaging servers and telecommunications gateways. Phil works with customers to help architect, educate and evangelize best practices for in memory solutions to meet their business needs. Phil is based in the Oracle New York office. Phil has spoken at many java conferences recently including QCON.
    Application Architect, Oracle
    Paul Cleary is currently the Application Architect for the Oracle Insurance Group Policy Administration. Paul has worked with Oracle Insurance for 4 years, leading the integration of Oracle Coherence into core products. He developed the existing insurance batch processing and compute grid capabilities for Oracle Insurance products using Coherence and the Incubator Processing Pattern. He continues to lead the development of Oracle Insurance products to enhance performance and support evolving integration requirements.
    Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle
    Simon works with Oracle's Fusion Middleware stack, with a focus on Financail Services customers in the UK. His particular areas of expertise include Java, Java EE, Coherence, WebLogic, Event Processing and Oracle's Exalogic Engineered Systems.
    CTO of C24 & Incept5
    John has almost 30 years experience in IT, from hardware though C, C++, Java to enterprise architecture. He co-founded Century 24 (C24) with 3 others in 2000, specialising in investment banking integration, predominately SWIFT, FpML and ISO-20022. In 2007 he sold C24 to Iona Technologies (NASDAQ:IONA), Iona was then sold to Progress Software in 2008, and he bought C24 back in April 2011. His expertise lies in investment banking architecture and payments and in the past he has run the trading systems at Paribas, headed up global Architecture at BNP Paribas, been the global head of architecture at JP Morgan Chase and worked closely with Visa Inc's innovation.
    Architect, Oracle
    Torkel Dominique is a software engineer and lead developer for the Coherence*Web project. Having worked for Oracle for more than 7 years, he has contributed to several Oracle products such as the SIP Servlet Container and the Weblogic JavaEE platform. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Dominique worked for Hotsip, a startup in Stockholm, Sweden, developing Telecommunication systems based on the SIP protocol.
    Java Technology Lead, Oracle
    Steve is part of the UK Fusion MiddleWare pre-sales team. His focus is on Java Technology and CAF (Cloud Application Foundation), but he also covers Java SE/EE, JVMs, GlassFish, WebLogic, Coherence, ExaLogic, NetBeans and other Java related technologies.
    Senior Director, Oracle
    Nick is responsible for supporting Oracle's Real-Time Decisions technology offerings and strategy within and outside of Oracle. He also serves as an evangelist for Oracle's overall BI technology stack. Nick possesses an intimate knowledge of the enterprise software development process and its challenges. A true "valley veteran," Nick has 17 years of experience working in and around the BI space and the world of enterprise software. Nick holds the distinction of having been one of the first technical support people at Business Objects. Since then, his career path has taken him to several small startups, and now, to his second tour with Oracle. Nick holds a patent that relates to business intelligence and advanced semantic layer capabilities.
    Architect, Oracle
    Mark Falco is an Architect at Oracle. He has been part of the Coherence development team since 2005 where he has specialized in the areas of clustered communication protocols as well as the Coherence for C++ object model. Mark holds a B.S. in computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology.
    Product Manager, Oracle
    Christer Fahlgren joined the Coherence Incubator Team in the summer of 2009 as a Product Manager. In the Coherence Incubator team he is responsible for the implementation of the Processing pattern. Previously at Oracle he has been the Product Manager for Oracle WebLogic Communications Services as well as Oracle Communications and Mobility Server, middleware products that support enterprise and service providers communication platform needs. Prior to joining Oracle in 2006 with the HotSIP acquisition, Christer spent 11 years as a developer, software architect and product manager in the software industry, primarily with Telecommunications software solutions for technologies like ISDN, SS7 and SIP.
    Technology Manager
    Timur Fanshteyn is a technology manager with over 10 years experience in transaction processing at multiple financial institutions. Timur applied his experience as a technology architect and developer to implement a trade aggregation and processing system. Timur's coherence experience includes extensive use of Coherence in heterogeneous environments with .Net clients. Timur maintains his development blog at
    Coherence Product Manager, Oracle
    Dave has a wealth of field experience in Coherence as well as Oracle's SOA products. With nearly 20 years experience in the computing industry, he has used most of the leading technologies across a wide range of customers, with a focus on those in Financial Services and eGaming. He is also a regular speaker at technology events and a contributor to Oracle's Technology Network.
    Chief Technology Officer, CloudTran
    Matthew has more than 35 years of experience in the tech industry with specific expertise in the area of data grids, transaction processing, data management, networking, and Java 2 EE. As the key inventor of the CloudTran technology, Matthew has paved the way for several patents and has been the primary architect for the CloudTran transaction processing system. He has helped firms including NatWest, British Telecom, and Nokia on enterprise-scale web applications.
    Principal Client Architect, Grid Dynamics
    Taylor Gautier is a Principal Client Architect for Grid Dynamics who specializes in high performance, high scale computing environments and leads the Coherence practice within Grid Dynamics. Previously Taylor worked as the Product Manager for Terracotta, Excite@Home, and Intel. Taylor is a co-author of "The Definitive Guide to Terracotta" and has published several patents in the areas of building scalable systems for the Telecommunications, Search, and Storage industries.
    Solution Architect, Oracle
    Eugen Gendelman is a Solution Architect for Oracle. He has many years of experience in the field working on a number extremely large Coherence projects. His deep product knowledge is complemented by his extensive delivery experience.
    Enterprise Architect, Union Pacific Railroad
    Arun Giri is the Lead Enterprise Architect for Union Pacific Railroad. He currently the Lead Architect for the Next Generation Logistics and Transportation management System called NetControl which UPRR is building as a replacement to its aging mainframe transportation control system, as part of this initiative he is also leading an enterprise wide effort to build and implement a "SOA Platform as a Service" offering for Union Pacific. Arun has over 21 years of software development experience, his focus in the last decade has been in SOA, Distributed computing, Messaging and Middleware. Arun has a lot of experience in the areas of System Integration patterns and utilizing Open source software for developing large, distributed, highly available and scalable java based systems. Arun's other area of expertise is in the Functional programming arena, especially utilizing RETE engines and various BRMS systems. He has built SEP/CEP frameworks for UPRR, which is being at the heart of many mission critical systems at UPRR, including NetControl.
    Architect, Oracle
    Gene Gleyzer is an Architect at Oracle responsible for the design of the Oracle Coherence product line. Prior to joining Oracle, Dr. Gleyzer was one of the founders and the CTO of Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. Dr. Gleyzer was a pioneer in the field of component-based technologies in the mid-1990's.
    eCommerce Solutions Architect, El Corte Inglés
    Néstor is an ATG/JEE software architect specializing in large-scale projects powered by ATG Commerce Suite, where performance and reliability is critical. He has experience includes architecture and design, development, systems installation, configuration and performance tuning.
    Senior Principal CAF Product Manager, Oracle
    Maciej is part of the EMEA Fusion Middleware Product Managment Group, covering the Cloud Application Foundation group of products. These include products like Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle Glassfish Application Server, Oracle Coherence, Java, Oracle Tuxedo. He is also responsible for ExaLogic.
    Principal Software Engineer, Oracle
    David Guy is a software engineer and member of the Oracle Coherence team. He is currently the technical lead for the Coherence Container project. Mr. Guy has more than 30 years experience developing enterprise software products with companies such as BEA Systems, Netegrity, Sybase, PowerSoft, and Cullinet. He has worked on application servers, enterprise security, virtual machines, and programming language IDEs.
    Coherence Architect/Developer, Oracle
    Jon is a pragmatic, hands-on, delivery focused Enterprise Developer/Architect, with over 24 years IT experience and a proven track record in FTSE100 and NASDAQ companies, within a broad range of industries. He is also behind the popular littlegrid ( Coherence test framework, for creating simple Coherence unit tests.
    Vice President of Software and Data Architecture,
    Paddy Hannon is Vice President of Software and Data Architecture at, the premiere web site for automotive consumers in the United States. Paddy provides the guidance and direction to teams that are responsible for developing the state of the art software infrastructure, data warehouse systems and reporting frameworks that allow Edmunds to provide volumes of automotive data and editorial content to over 20 million unique visitors to the Edmunds site every month. Paddy is an authority on enterprise systems and using Open Source software for developing very large, highly available, high performance, scalable publishing systems for the World Wide Web. Paddy has been working on web based products since the mid 1990's and has been involved in a wide range of web based products from bioinformatics to secure web based document management.
    Senior eCommerce Developer,
    Mario Hernandez is a graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia where he first developed his passion for mixing leading technology with innovative design. This passion was further encouraged through his work on logistics software with the United States Postal Service, and later the Department of Defense. In 2005 Mario made the transition to the retail sector, signing on with then Macy Company. His talent and skill quickly found him in the fast growing development team where, through several cache optimization projects, he has become the resident Coherence domain expert. His work has been instrumental in highly stable holiday seasons with 0 down time, providing millions of's customers with highly accurate product availability and information, all while processing over 100,000 orders daily. He continues to deliver highly stable and innovative design and has become one of the key players in the design of the future state of
    Architect, Oracle
    Hal Hildebrand is an architect for the Java Platform Group at Oracle where he works diligently on the next generation of application server architectures for large scale computing. He has been working on application server architecture at Oracle for the past 10 years and before that he had a successful company which produced an object oriented database for the smalltalk market.
    Co-founder and EVP of Development, Evident Software
    Ivan Ho serves as the EVP of Development at Evident Software. Ivan has lead the development of the Evident ClearStone product line for managing, monitoring, reporting, and chargeback of high performance distributed application infrastructures. The Evident ClearStone Live product provides real-time management of Oracle Coherence data grids and distributed Java applications. Prior to Evident, Ivan was a network programming engineer at Goldman Sachs. Ivan holds a B.S. Computer Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
    Architect, Oracle
    Jason Howes is an Architect for the Oracle Coherence product. In addition to contributing to the core Coherence Data Grid product, Mr. Howes is also a primary architect of the Coherence*Extend and Coherence*Web technologies. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Howes was a staff software engineer at Tangosol, where he helped design and develop the revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product. He has also held engineering positions at BEA and Intel, where he worked on web-based technologies, rules-based intelligent systems, security infrastructure, and patented a digital rotoscoping method, the process for creating animation from live action video. Jason holds a BS and MEng in computer science from Cornell University.
    Vice President, High Performance Computing, Solutions & Engineering, Merrill Lynch
    Steve Jacobs heads up the High Performance Computing Engineering and Solutions team at Merrill Lynch, where he is responsible for grid computing, distributed data caching and utility computing. Prior to Merrill, Dr. Jacobs was CTO of online marketing company, Poindexter Systems, which serves, tracks and optimizes the delivery of over 10 billion ads per month. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Columbia University.
    Principle Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Jonathan Knight is a Coherence and security expert. Having used and extended Coherence for over four years in multiple globally recognised companies, he's a trusted source of information, innovation and adviser to the Coherence Engineering team on the subjects of security integration, configuration, deployment and push replication in the wild.
    Architect, Oracle
    Robert is an Architect in the Coherence development group and manages a team responsible for clustering, communications, data-services and core functionality. Robert's main focus areas recently have been surrounding partitioning and partition distribution features as well as solidifying the server-side programming model (e.g. lite-transactions). Prior to joining the Coherence team, Robert was a lead engineer on the Oracle database working on the embeded Java Virtual Machine product.
    Over the last 6 years Christoph has developed his expertise in the area of Large Scale Distributed Computing, in particular for the Financial Services Sector. He has expertise in integrating functional frameworks such as Scala and dynamic languages such as Groovy to create a power querying and compute layer on top of the distributed grid technology.
    Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle
    Asaf works with Oracle's Fusion Middleware and has many years of hands-on experience building applications that utilise a range of Oracle technologies, including Coherence, Oracle's Event Processor and SOA Suite.
    Application Development Team Lead, OOCL
    Leo Limqueco works as Application Development Team Lead at OOCL at the same location. Leo has been working with OOCL for 13 years, with work in design, development and support. His work on OOCL’s shipment domain application models spans three generations. His current team’s responsibility includes design and implementation of the interfaces between domain modules and applications for the latest ERP system, applying TopLink Grid, Coherence, WebLogic Server, and Oracle RAC among other technology platform components.
    Senior Java Performance Architect, ON24
    Alexander Livitz has over eighteen years of enterprise software engineering and management experience building scalable, high-availability integrated solutions with leading Java EE application servers, portals and SOA middleware. Alex currently serves as the Senior Java Performance Architect at ON24, a global leader in webcasting and virtual events, where he is responsible for the architecture, vision, high-availability, scalability analysis and performance tuning of their complex, multi-platform, mission-critical enterprise system. Prior to ON24, Alex served for over four years as a Technical Partner Manager and Solutions Architect at BEA Systems, working with multiple strategic partners to help integrate their products with the BEA WebLogic product stack. Earlier in his career, Alex held software architect and software engineering positions at several companies including Kaiser Permanente and Siemens Medical Systems. Mr. Alex holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Odessa State Polytechnic University, and an MBA from John F. Kennedy University.
    CTO, CEO and Founder, SL Corp
    Tom Lubinski founded SL Corporation in 1983 and currently serves as the company's CEO and CTO. He has been instrumental in developing RTView, a real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization platform, as well as RTView for Oracle Coherence for the monitoring and management of Oracle Coherence data grids. Since founding the company, he has been involved in thousands of successful customer deployments of real-time visibility solutions. Prior to starting SL Corporation, Tom attended the California Institute of Technology and developed a substantial consulting practice specializing in object-oriented programming and graphical visualization systems. He has over thirty years experience in the development of computer hardware systems and software applications.
    Senior Software Engineer, CloudTran
    Ian has been working Enterprise application systems for many years. He is a key implementer of CloudTran, with prime responsibility for subsystem integration and tuning. Prior to that, he worked on Enterprise app implementation and automation with J2EE, Spring and all the related technologies. His first role was at British Airways - if you've ever logged in at one of BA's Kiosks, or moved your seat assignment, you were running Ian's code.
    Software Architect, Deutsche Bank
    Santiago is a Java/C# .NET/C++ software lead engineer with over 7 year hands-on development/architecture and customer interface experience. Specialized in distributed software solution development, architecture, and, fine tuning/production support. He specialties in HPC, grid computing, data grid, distributed in-memory caches, distributed systems, messaging solutions, trading systems, development, fine tuning and troubleshooting/production support, ESP/CEP solutions.
    Vice President of Development, Oracle
    Java expert Adam Messinger is Vice President of Development in the Fusion Middleware group at Oracle. He is responsible for managing the Oracle Coherence, Oracle JRockit, Oracle WebLogic Operations Control, and other web tier products. Prior to joining Oracle, he worked as a venture capitalist at Smartforest Ventures and O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. Adam is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he was a Sloan Fellow and of Willamette University where he was a G. Herbert Smith Scholar.
    Solutions Architect, Oracle
    Tim Middleton has over twenty-two years experience in the IT industry. During this time he has been involved in the design and implementation of many large and leading edge technology projects within the government and private sectors within Australia. He has held many technology roles with Oracle over the last fourteen years both in consulting, pre-sales and development. He has extensive experience with Oracle Coherence, Java and Application Server-based solutions, using WebLogic Server and SOA Suite as well as many years experience as a DBA. His current focus, as part of the Coherence Development Team, is enhancing the usability and integration of Coherence within both Oracles’ Middleware solutions as well as with third party products. Tim is a regular presenter at Oracle and technology conferences in Australia and is based in Perth, Western Australia.
    Global Head of GDIS Engineering (DSL, XDS, Barracuda), HSBC
    Philip Miller is Senior Architect and Engineer with over 15 year's experience in the Financial Services industry, focusing on high performance computing, massively parallel computing, complex event processing and system integration. Recently at the leading edge of real-time regulatory compliance for Dodd-Frank and other regulations. Highly experienced with Front Office application delivery within Global Markets.
    Director, C2B2 Consulting Limited
    Steve is a Founder and Director of C2B2 The Leading Independent Middleware Experts. C2B2 provide consultancy and 24/7 support services dedicated to maximising Performance, Scalability, High Availability and Reliability when deploying Java middleware.
    Senior Product Manager, Oracle
    Rob Misek is a Senior Product Manager at Oracle on the Cloud Product Management team. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Misek was the National Account Executive for Financial Services at Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. Mr. Misek has over ten years of experience with Java™ and Java-related technology. He holds a BS in mathematics, computer science and psychology from St. Lawrence University.
    Senior Director of Business Development , Oracle
    As a Senior Director of Business Development at Oracle, Stephane is responsible for the adoption and growth of Oracle Cloud Application Foundation and Exalogic product portfolio. Stephane's primary role is to help customers find solutions to implement their high-scalability and high-performance application requirements. Stephane has over 15 years of experience in business development, product management, and enterprise software product development. Prior to joining Oracle, Stephane was a Director at Tangosol, the creators of the Coherence Data Grid product, which delivers reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise.
    Senior Principal Product Manager in the Java Platform Group, Oracle
    Tomas is a technical leader and manager with a strong experience of the commercial side of the business. He is a passionate problem solver for all categories of problems, technical, process related, business or interpersonal. He has 14 years of experience from all parts of IT related projects from pricing, product definition and go-to-market requirements, project management, development and maintenance. In his role as Product Manager he has worked on large global projects, like launching Java 7, reaching 50+ countries and more than 80.000 developers directly, as well as running market ennoblement for Java SE, one of the most used pieces of software in the world.
    Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Mark Noyes is a software developer with the Oracle NoSQL Database team. He is currently focusing on product integration with Coherence and introducing security capabilities to the NoSQL Database product. Prior to joining Oracle he worked in the telecommunications software industry as software architect and development manager. He also previously worked on the development teams for two object database products.
    Independent Consultant
    Tom O'Connell is an independent consultant with over 25 years of experience in the architecture and implementation of large scale, high performance, distributed systems. Tom has worked with Oracle Coherence since 2008, in a variety of systems, involving distributed (server-side) computing and high transaction-rate systems. Previously he worked in telephony, providing distributed switching systems; in finance, focussing on distributed financial models, and creating distributed government information systems.
    Architect, Oracle
    Brian Oliver is an Architect at Oracle. He works within the Oracle Coherence Engineering group and predominantly focuses on enabling financial institutions across Europe and North America to implement massively scalable and high-performance Data Grid solutions. Over the past 10 years he's been leading the development of large-scale multi-language and multi-currency Web, E-Commerce, Sports Gaming and Financial systems making extensive use of Java technologies. He's the founder of the Coherence SIG, one of the only regularly meeting Data Grid Special Interest Groups in the world, and the Coherence Incubator, a site dedicated to providing reference implementations of architectural patterns on top of Oracle Coherence.
    Senior Principle Product Manager, Oracle
    Debu Panda, lead author EJB 3 in Action (Manning Publications), is a Product Manage Director on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Management development team, where he drives development of the middleware management functionalities of Oracle Enterprise Manager. He has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry and has published numerous articles on enterprise Java technologies and has presented at many conferences. Debu maintains an active blog on enterprise Java at
    Principle Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Patrick Peralta is a Principal Member of Technical Staff for Oracle (formerly Tangosol) specializing in Coherence and middleware Java. He wears many hats in Coherence engineering, including development, training, documentation, and support. He has extensive experience supporting and consulting customers with mission critical software in fields such as retail, hospitality and finance. Additionally, he served as technical reviewer and contributing author to Oracle Coherence 3.5 published by Packt. As an active member of the Java developer community he has spoken at user groups and conferences across the US including the New York Coherence SIG, Spring One and Oracle Open World. Prior to joining Oracle, Patrick was a senior developer at Symantec, working on Java/J2EE based services, web applications, system integrations, and Swing desktop clients. Patrick holds a BS in Computer Science from Stetson University in Florida.
    Chief Technology Officer, Push Technology Limited
    Andy is responsible for technology development and strategy at Push a middleware software provider linking live data with the edge. Prior to this role he worked at Oracle, building the Oracle Complex Event Processing product - a Java-based e-Commerce platform for in-memory processing of high volume, low-latency temporal data - from a niche player to a multi-million dollar revenue asset in a variety of technical and management roles.
    Senior Vice President, Oracle
    Cameron Purdy is Senior Vice President of Development at Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Purdy was the CEO of Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. Mr. Purdy has over ten years of experience with Java™ and Java-related technology. As a software visionary and industry leader, Mr. Purdy is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has received a number of awards in recognition of his contribution to the Java community, including twice being named as a JavaOne RockStar and being recognized in TheServerSide's "Who's Who in Enterprise Java". He regularly participates in industry standards development and is a specification lead for the Java Community Process.
    Technical Consultant
    Alexey Ragozin is a Coherence and Java performance expert. He has worked with Java technologies across wide range of industries from embedded systems to automated trading systems. Since 2008, he has mainly focused on implementations involving Coherence, in various industries, such as Finance, eCommerce and Telecoms. Among his former employers are Deutsche Bank, Yandex (major Russian web search engine) and GridDynamics.
    Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Harvey is a key member of the Coherence engineering team and involved in all areas of the product. Predominantly he is focused in the core parts of Coherence, including distributed caches, clustering, serialization, as well as the products architecture.
    Head of Business Services Integration, Wachovia
    Jay is Director, Head of Business Services Integration, in the Wholesale banking Technology group. Jay manages the technology teams that provide architecture, service development and on-boarding services for caching, distributed computing, app server cloud and security managed services.
    Architect, Oracle NoSQL Database development, Oracle
    Naresh Revanuru is currently a WebLogic product architect. Prior to taking this role he was the technical lead for the WebLogic core component. He has worked in the WebLogic product division for more than 8 years.
    Manager of Infrastructure Development, NetSuite
    Ted Rice is the Manager of Infrastructure Development for NetSuite. He is responsible for the performance, scalability, reliability and up time of NetSuite's SaaS platform, which handles more than 65,000 active users and hundreds of millions of transactions per day. Ted stands behind NetSuite's uptime guarantee of 99.5%. Additionally, Ted is responsible for the design and implementation of the core services and APIs upon which NetSuite is built. He joined the company in 2002 and derived much satisfaction from the IPO in 2007. Prior to joining Netsuite, Ted was a member of the Platform SDK team at Apama, creator of the world's first large-scale event processing product. Ted holds a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.
    Director of Application Development, OOCL
    Matt Rosen is Director of Application Development at OOCL’s San Jose Software Development Center, where he has been working for the past 8 years. He began his career booting timeshare computers with paper punched tape. In the meantime, he has helped to provide solutions in education administrative support systems, treasury management, and transportation and logistics. He has also provided architecture and technology adoption consulting services for companies in a variety of industries including banking, finance, and manufacturing.
    Solution Realisation Manager, Activities Bank
    Francisco has a wealth of experience using Oracle technologies, like WebLogic Server and Coherence. His team at Activities Bank have developed innovative solutions for the travel industry.
    Architect, Oracle
    Dave Rubin has extensive background in big data systems. Prior to Oracle, Dave was with Cox Enterprises where he ran the Infrastructure Engineering organization responsible for developing big data systems in the Online Display Advertising vertical. Previously, he ran the engineering teams at Rapt Inc, delivering Price Optimization and Inventory Forecasting solutions to online media companies. Dave started his career at Sybase where he worked on various parts of the database kernel including access methods, query optimization, resource management, and transaction management. He holds four U.S. patents in the areas of query optimization and advanced transaction models.
    Fixed Income Solution Design Manager, LCH
    Oliver leads a team of Architects and Analysts in the re-engineering of LCH's global Fixed Income service. This has been involved developing the architecture for a high performance web based full reval FHS VaR Margin Simulator utilising Oracle Coherence as a calculation engine
    Senior Principal Curriculum Developer, Oracle
    Al Saganich is a career software developer who's been working in the Java, Java EE and middleware spaces since the earliest versions of Java and J2EE. Al was with BEA for over 10 years, working as an engineer and architect in the education group, and with Oracle since the BEA acquisition. He has been working with Coherence for a number of years and leads the Coherence curriculum development effort for Oracle Education. In his spare time Al likes to study martial arts and ride his Harley. Al refuses to divulge how long he's been in software, we believe, because he's really old. We don't ask because he's been studying martial arts almost as long as software.
    Principal Product Manager, Oracle
    Madhav Sathe works as a Principal Product Manager for Oracle Enterprise Manager. His key focus areas are Enterprise Manager's features across Coherence, WebLogic Server, WebCenter and Non-Oracle Middleware. Madhav has 10 years of experience in software design, development and product management.
    Architect, Oracle
    Aleksandar Seovic is an Architect on the Coherence Engineering Team at Oracle. Prior to that he was a founder and managing director at S4HC, Inc., where he lead the professional services practice. In that role, he worked with customers throughout the world to help them implement innovative solutions to complex business and technical problems. Aleksandar lead the implementation of Oracle Coherence for .NET, a client library that allows applications written in any .NET language to access data and services provided by Oracle Coherence data grid, and was one of the key people involved in the design and implementation of Portable Object Format (POF), a platform-independent object serialization format that allows seamless interoperability of Coherence-based Java, .NET and C++ applications. Aleksandar is author of "Oracle Coherence 3.5" (Packt Publishing, 2009) and Oracle ACE Director for Fusion Middleware. He frequently speaks about and evangelizes Coherence at industry conferences, Java and .NET user group events, and Coherence SIGs.
    Product Strategy Director, Oracle
    As a Product Management/Strategy Director at Oracle Corporation, Robin is responsible for the Event Driven Architecture and Complex Event Processing strategies, focused on the evolution and delivery of the award winning and innovative Oracle CEP product, a corner-stone technology of the Oracle EDA Suite. At BEA Systems, he successfully delivered the BEA WebLogic Event Server, the industries first and only EDA CEP Java Application Server based on OSGi™. Previously, at Sun Microsystems, as a software Product Line Manager for 8 years, he lead the product management and marketing of the award winning Sun Java™ Studio Enterprise, development and infrastructure software, focused on visual SOA design tools and Java application visualization techniques. Over his career, Robin has designed, engineered and implemented, unique performance and systems management software for the Java Platform, AS/400 and VM Operating systems, that have been used worldwide.
    Principal Product Manager, Oracle
    Shaun Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community. He's Ecosystem Development Lead for the EclipseLink project and a committer on the Eclipse Gemini Enterprise Modules, and the Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. Prior to joining Oracle Shaun was a consultant specializing in enterprise application architecture and agile software development. He's been involved with object persistence since 1996 starting with TopLink for Smalltalk and it's successor TopLink for Java. He's currently working on leveraging EclipseLink JPA and MOXy (JAXB and JSON binding) to accelerate the development of data services for HTML5 applications as well as Oracle TopLink Grid which supports the scaling out of EclipseLink JPA applications using Oracle Coherence.
    Java VP Product Development, Oracle
    Henrik Stahl is VP of Product Management in the Java Platform Group at Oracle, and is responsible for product strategy for Java ME and SE.
    Consulting Solutions Architect, Oracle
    Randy Stafford is a practicing software professional with 25 years of experience as a developer, analyst, architect, manager, consultant, and author. Currently with the Coherence product team at Oracle, he engages globally for proof-of-concept projects, architecture reviews, and production crises with diverse customer organizations, specializing in grid, performance, HA, SOA, and Java EE / JPA work. Long active in the professional community, he was a contributor to O’Reilly’s 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know, Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and Floyd Marinescu’s EJB Design Patterns; and he frequently presents at software conferences on the topics of application performance management, domain model persistence, and agile architecture.
    Distributed Systems Software Architect
    Ben has a wealth of software development and architecture experience, largely focused around distributed systems and caching - including Coherence, He is a regular blogger and his posts focus on Coherence and the wider issues of distributed computing.
    Software Architect, HSBC
    Raj specialises in Grid Computing, Enterprise and Large Scale Computing, Financial Product Quantitative Analysis. He has many years of experience designing and developing Coherence applications.
    Java Product Manager, Oracle
    Dalibor is a Java Product manager at Oracle. As a GNU Classpath developer he has been instrumental in bringing several Java-oriented free software projects together around the GNU Classpath community, and works on making it all happen again inside OpenJDK.
    Vice President of Product Management, Oracle
    Peter Utzschneider is a Vice President of Java Product Management at Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Utzschneider was the Vice President of Marketing at Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. He has spent over 14 years successfully marketing and selling best-of-breed software solutions in Europe and the U.S. by leveraging his ability to translate early market demand into broader market adoption. He led product strategy development at Lumigent Technologies, where he successfully guided overall product direction for the company, which delivers database security software solutions. He co-founded BDG, a leading IT security integration company in Germany, where he grew both the sales and marketing organizations and established the company as the premier provider of layered security to Germany's largest corporations.
    Independent Coherence Consultant
    Rob has many years of experience using Coherence and a wealth of practical project knowledge. He is also an Oracle ACE, on the Oracle Coherence Forum, and has helped numerous developers over the years solve all sorts of Coherence related problems.
    Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle
    Gerald has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Oracle database tuning and administration. His specialist area of expertise is Big Data solutions and managing un-struectured data, but he also has a detailed understanding of Oracle's in-memory technologies, including the Oracle IMDB, TimesTen and Oracle Coherence.
    VP of Distributed Caching, Credit Suisse
    Phil manages distributed caching architectures, providing standards, consultancy and shared services to application development teams in the bank. He also provide development tools expertise, especially in Java
    Technical Architect, HSBC
    David is an independent consultant in software development/architecture with extensive technical experience particularly in Java, and data grids. He also has business experience in many areas of investment banking, including Front, Middle, and Back Office, Credit, Rates, FI, FX, Derivatives. Currently he works at HSBC, but previously he worked for Credit Suisse and other investment banks.
    Coherence Architect, Founder, JunoCube
    Andrew Wilson has worked full time with Coherence since 2008. He has been a Coherence Architect at Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Suise. Prior to that he worked at IBM, UBS and was a co-founder of BlueLobster which was acquired in 1998 in the heady days of the first dot-com boom. He is interested in making complicated problems simpler.
    Senior Director of Technology, SL Corp
    Everett has worked with Oracle Coherence since 2006 when he joined the Tangosol development team where he was responsible for monitoring and management. At Oracle and Tangosol Everett worked on the Coherence management framework and wrote the Coherence Reporter. Everett joined SL Corp in 2010 where he is responsible for SL’s RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor and Viewer as well as SL’s Coherence performance analysis, tuning and troubleshooting services.
    Cheif Technology Officer, Legerity
    Jeremy has over 25 years’ experience in Enterprise financial software. He was founder and Managing Director of OST Business Rules Ltd, a financial services software house, whose financial reporting and integration software was used by more than 30 of the world’s largest financial institutions. Within 3 years he grew OST to over 100 staff and successfully led the sale of the company to Microgen plc. Prior to OST he was an executive director at The Dodge Group, a US based financial services ERP vendor. He is a past winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.
    Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Lina Xu works in the Coherence QA team at Oracle and leads a team responsible for testing Coherence features, HA/failover, large cluster, and WebLogic Suite that includes Coherence*Web and Coherence TopLink JPA integration. Prior to joining Oracle in 2008, Lina worked in the BEA WebLogic stress QA team that focused on the RASp and end-to-end testing on the WebLogic server products.
    Chief Architect, ITSP Inc
    Wenjin is a chief architect at ITSP Inc. He has more than twenty years of IT experience in customer care and billing systems, e-commercial applications, database and transaction middleware and SOA in telecommunication, financial, insurance, supply chain management, retail and software industries. Wenjin has successfully managed and implemented many high profile real time projects in customer care and billing systems, e-business, real time event processing, payment processing and CRM.


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