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The Coherence Namespace

The Coherence Namespace is responsible for:

  • Collecting built-in Coherence <cache-config> elements occurring in a Cache Configuration, and

  • Providing the collected elements to the DefaultConfigurableCacheFactory (parent of the ExtensibleEnvironment) so that caches may be appropriately provided to applications.

The Coherence Namespace is automatically defined as the default namespace for Cache Configurations being processed by an ExtensibleEnvironment.
Thus no declaration is required to make use of this namespace.

Namespace Content Handler

The Coherence NamespaceContentHandler implementation is provided by the class.


The Coherence Namespace is automatically and implicitly defined for all Cache Configurations used by an ExtensibleEnvironment. However for informational purposes, the automatic and implicit definition is functionally equivalent to the following;

<cache-config xmlns="class://">




Any attempt to redefine the default namespace for a Cache Configuration will result in a run-time error.


Documentation concerning the elements that are part of the Coherence Namespace can be found in the Coherence Developers Guide.