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What's New

For the most part Oracle Coherence Incubator 11 remains functionally and semantically compatible with the projects released as part of Oracle Coherence Incubator 10. Very few changes to the underlying project implementations have occurred, apart from resolving minor defect fixes and making necessary dependency updates.

The most significant change is in how the Oracle Coherence Incubator is now licensed, structured, built and organized. In a nut shell, the following changes have occurred:

  1. Refactored all of the projects to be arranged into a single source tree, with separate folders for each project and their associated examples instead of having individual project source trees and versions.

  2. Restructured all of the projects to follow classical Apache Maven-style multi-module conventions.

  3. Completely re-wrote the build system to use Apache Maven instead of Apache Ant.

  4. Ratified and released all of the projects under a standard open source license (CDDL).

  5. Formalized the mechanism and process for accepting Coherence Community contributions.

  6. Completely migrated the existing Atlassian Confluence-based documentation (from to be part of the source tree, thus enabling documentation version control and Coherence Community Contributions.

  7. Rationalized all projects to use a single Oracle Coherence Incubator version number instead of individual version numbers.

  8. Migrated the source repository to GitHub.

  9. Migrated the internal private Issue Tracking system to the public Issue Tracking system provided by

  10. Introduced "uber" jar generation support to produce the entire Oracle Coherence Incubator in a single jar.

For more detailed information concerning changes in this release please consult the project history.