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The following sections outline Oracle Coherence Incubator changes in reverse chronological order.

Version 11.0.0 @ 2013-02-26 15:41

Source and Documentation Contributors

  • Noah Arliss, Jonathan Knight, Paul Mackin, Brian Oliver, Patrick Peralta

Global and Cross-Module Changes

  • Refactored all of the modules into a single source tree, with separate folders for each module and their associated examples.

  • Restructured all of the modules follow standard Apache Maven conventions.

  • Completely re-wrote the build system to use Apache Maven instead of Apache Ant.

  • Ratified and released all of the modules under a standard open source license (CDDL). This included changing all file headers to use standard CDDL headers. Templates for these headers are available in the "documents" folder.

  • Formalized the mechanism and process for accepting contributions.

  • Completely migrated the existing "closed" Atlassian Confluence-based documentation to be part of the source tree, thus enabling contributions. This included re-writing and updating parts of the documentation for this release. The documentation can be found in the coherence-incubator-site module.

  • Rationalized all modules to use a single Coherence Incubator version number instead of individual version numbers.

  • Migrated the source repository to GitHub.

  • Migrated the Issue Tracking to

  • Introduced "uber" jar generation support to produce the entire Oracle Coherence Incubator in a single jar.

  • Introduced (extracted) individual "example" modules for the patterns instead of using a single large example module.

  • Introduced a dependency on the Oracle Tools project for tests. Re-wrote all process-based tests to use this package. This work was originally part of the Oracle Coherence Incubator but is now a separate project. This work now includes signficiant contributions from the "Grid Man" project (developed by Jonathan Knight).

  • Upgraded projects to use Oracle Coherence

  • Migrated binary distribution mechanism to use instead of download links.


  • Introduced the ability to generate a coherence-incubator-all-x.y.z.jar that contains all of the Oracle Coherence Incubator compiled modules without third-party libraries and without Oracle Coherence itself. This allows developers to use a single jar file in applications instead of having to specify individual jars.

coherence-incubator-site (Documentation)

  • Introduced during the migration and re-write of the original Oracle Coherence Incubator 10 web-based documentation from


  • Refactored the implementation of the Finite State Machines to correctly adopt and use standard UML terminology.


  • No Changes


  • Introduced by extracting examples from Oracle Coherence Incubator 10.


  • No Changes


  • Introduced by extracting examples from Oracle Coherence Incubator 10.


  • No Changes


  • Introduced by extracting examples from Oracle Coherence Incubator 10.


  • Resolved potential Message memory leak (messages not being removed from the messages cache after being acknowledged)


  • Resolved potential and unnecessary hi-cpu usage when using Coherence-based Messaging distributors.

  • Refactored tests to use Oracle Tools.

  • Introduced the new ParallelLocalCacheEventChannel providing the ability to update local caches in parallel across a cluster.


  • Refactored tests to use Oracle Tools.

  • Resolved issue were calling NamedCache.getAll(...) on a cache that is being used for Push Replication would throw an UnsupportedOperationException.

  • Added new tests for the new ParallelLocalCacheEventChannel.


  • Introduced by extracting examples from Oracle Coherence Incubator 10.