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Upgrading from Previous Releases

Upgrading from Oracle Coherence Incubator 10 to this release is typically as simple as replacing previous jars with the new jars, those of which are available for download (if you're not using Maven) from

If you're using all of the Oracle Coherence Incubator projects (or most of them), you can now use the new "uber" distribution, simply by adding the following following dependency declaration to your Maven-based application.


However should you require individual project artifacts, these are identified as follows: (just as they were in Oracle Coherence Incubator 10).

coherence-common, coherence-commandpattern, coherence-functorpattern,
coherence-processingpattern, coherence-messagingpattern,
coherence-eventdistributionpattern, coherence-pushreplicationpattern

The Apache Maven groupId for all Coherence Incubator 11 modules is

While the source code is readily available on github, the source code and java documentation for each released version additionally published to This enables simple and clean integration with all development environments supporting Maven.

Migrating from releases prior to Oracle Coherence Incubator 10 requires more effort. In most cases the changes will require refactoring previous configurations to use newer styles and technologies. Some patterns, like Push Replication, may require more effort than others, however once migrated to this release, moving forward will be much easier.