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Release Numbers

Release numbers for the Oracle Coherence Incubator are represented as three separate numbers, each separated by a full-stop in the form x.y.z where by the meaning of the individual numbers in the release number is as follows:

x: Represents a specific Oracle Coherence version or set of Coherence versions that a release of the Oracle Coherence Incubator is designed to run against.

For example:

 8 = Oracle Coherence versions 3.5.?
 9 = Oracle Coherence versions 3.6.?
10 = Oracle Coherence versions 3.7.0.? and 3.7.1.?.
11 = Oracle Coherence versions 3.7.1.?  (first CDDL release)
12 = Next generation Oracle Coherence

Increments in this number typically represent a major or new generation of the Oracle Coherence Incubator that of which introduces new functionality that depend on a new version of Oracle Coherence. In most cases this means maintaining complete backwards compatibility between releases is impossible.

This number is also used to identify the "edition" of the Oracle Coherence Incubator. For example: Oracle Coherence Incubator 11.

y: Represents a minor upgrade of the Oracle Coherence Incubator. Such releases typically introduce some new functionality or refactoring.

Sometimes these changes may break some backwards compatibility.

z: Represents a patch or fix release of the Oracle Coherence Incubator. Such releases rarely break backwards compatibility. Typically these are used for documentation and non-breaking dependency upgrades.