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Oracle Coherence Incubator 11


Version: 11.0.0 built on 2013-02-26 15:41

The Oracle Coherence Incubator project consists of a collection of examples, organized as Apache Maven modules, demonstrating advanced uses of Oracle Coherence.

The modules themselves consist of a collection of common utilities, tools, traditional software pattern implementations, third-party integrations, and distributed computing solutions that of which may be used as-is, for research, learning, extension or for direct inclusion into Coherence-based applications.

Complete source code together with documentation is provided to aid in adoption, use and understanding.

Project Modules

The following Apache Maven modules are defined by the Oracle Coherence Incubator.

The Complete Distribution Module:

Provides a distribution of all of the Oracle Coherence Incubator modules, without their third-party dependencies (like Coherence itself).

The Common Package:

Provides a collection of utility packages, classes and interfaces commonly used to support the implementation of other Oracle Coherence Incubator modules.

The Command Pattern:

Provides a distributed implementation of the classic Command Pattern.

The Command Pattern Examples:

Provides example uses of the Command Pattern.

The Functor Pattern:

Provides a distributed implementation of the classic Functor Pattern.

The Functor Pattern Examples:

Provides example uses of the Functor Pattern.

The Processing Pattern:

Provides an mechanism to perform distributed, grid computing with Coherence.

The Processing Pattern Examples:

The following examples are provided for the Processing Pattern:

  1. The Simple Callable Example

  2. The Pi Calculation Example

  3. The Task Execution Example

The Messaging Pattern:

Provides a simple implementation of Store and Forward Messaging.

The Event Distribution:

Provides a mechanism to distribute application events over multiple channels. This is core infrastructure for the Push Replication Pattern, but may be used directly with in applications for local or global event distribution.

The Push Replication Pattern:

Provides a mechanism to replicate cache entry events to other clusters and devices (including other clusters separated by WANs).

The Push Replication Pattern Examples:

The following examples are provided for the Push Replication Pattern:

  1. The Active Passive Topology

  2. The Active Active Topology

  3. The Hub and Spoke Topology

  4. The Auction Example (using an Active Active and Active Passive Topologies)


If you are interested in making contributions to the Oracle Coherence Incubator, including defect fixes, documentation, new classes/interfaces/methods/packages or tests, you should read the section on Contributing to the Oracle Coherence Incubator.